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ABA Services

Mosaic Autism Services strives to provide high-quality ABA services for across settings.  Our goal is  to meet children and families where they are and develop individualized treatment plans to help meet their goals.  

In all settings, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will complete and comprehensive assessment and develop individualized treatment plan for your child with goals to address social-communication skills, adaptive skills, and challenging behaviors.



The Mosaic Day Program runs from 9 am to 2 pm daily in our center in Roswell and is modeled after a preschool setting.  This program is geared towards learners from 2-5 years old and focuses on building social-communication and school readiness skills.

We also offer individualized center-based ABA services during the day and in the afternoons for children who attend schoolIn the afternoons, we have social groups available as well depending on your child's age and current goals.



We offer ABA services in home which can be helpful in addressing independence with daily routines, improving the quality of interactions with siblings and other family members, and decreasing any challenging behaviors that occur in the natural environment.  



We also offer in school ABA support to children transitioning out of the Mosaic Day Program and for children who are best served in a school setting.

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